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On Audiobooks

February 04, 2018

Reading books has always been a difficult task for me. Not that I don’t like reading, I do, but I rarely can find the time to sit down and focus on reading. Also reading while my commute to and from work is impossible because even if I’m not driving, I easily get nauseous by keeping my head down all the time. But I wanted to read books.

A few people pointed out to me that I could, instead of reading the physical books, listen to the audio versions of them. This didn’t sound pleasing to me at first because I like listening to music, and I wasn’t sure if I have the choice between listening to music and listening to audiobooks, I would choose the latter. But I’m glad I was wrong.

I signed up for a one month trial on Audible, which offered a free book of my choosing and I was instantly hooked. Well maybe my choice of book was accidentally good enough for my first time, that made the whole experience better. I listened to “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari, which is narrated by Derek Perkins. And let me tell you it was a delightful experience. After the trial, I continued my membership with Audible.

There are a few other alternatives to Audible if you don’t want to use that:

Books I enjoyed in 2018

There are some books that I’d recommend after a year of listening to audiobooks. It doesn’t actually matter if you want to read the actual books or listen to the narrations.

Science Fiction

Science & Tech




Hope you enjoy reading or listening to these books as much as I did!

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